If you want to develop a study internship in Cuba, carry out your bachelor’s or engineering thesis under the guidance of prestigious tutors, receive specialized courses of the career you study or learn or improve your knowledge of Spanish, the UCLV opens you the doors as a student of next admission.

Ways of Admission

Students can enter through government scholarships or as self-funded students. For these procedures you must contact the OCSA (Coordinating Office of Academic Services).

Undergraduate Requirements

  • Graduate degree of pre-university, bachelor or equivalent level and the certificate of grades, for validation with a view to continuing studies.
  • Full health certificate, with clear references about physical and mental health status, in the case of women, a non-pregnancy certificate must be included.
  • No criminal record certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Ten 1 × 1 size photos
  • Medical insurance for the total time of stay

All of this documents must be legalized and will be presented to the Cuban diplomatic mission in the country of the applicant, for their analysis of validity, acceptance and legalization. Subsequently the documents will be returned to the applicant.

The applicant will be responsible for the custody and transfer of the admission documents and presentation to the university authorities.

Master’s degree Requirements

The legalized higher level degree must be present at the Cuban embassy of the country of origin

Medical insurance

An admission letter as an enrollment signed by the Academic Committee of the master’s degree and the dean of the corresponding Faculty.

PhD Requirements

  • A foundation of a scientific research must be present in the department where the doctorate will be registered. This requires at least four pages. The interested may present by himself or through a teacher, after selecting the department or line of research. In some courts a proficiency test is effectuate.
  • The research topic must be present at the Scientific Council of the Faculty where the doctorate is registered.
  • A registration as an aspiring doctor. Previously must be present a legalized degree at the Embassy of Cuba in the country of origin and at the Foreign Affairs and Higher Education of Cuba Ministries. The maximum time of the doctorate is 4 years.
  • Contact: OCSA – UCLV

Short courses, Internships and Training Requirements

  • An admission letter of enrollment, signed by the Academic Committee of the master’s degree and the corresponding faculty dean.
  • Previous coordination between OCSA, the Faculty and the applicant. Ç

Frequent questions

¿Are there lodging offers in student residences or in University hotels?

  • For internships or short stays, the possibility of accommodation is offered in the Postgraduate Residence “Los Sauces”.
  • Undergraduate students with longer stays can opt for accommodation in the residency system.
  • Those interested must notify the Coordinating Office of Academic Services (OCSA).

¿How much does each academic action cost?

The minimum cost excluding lodging and food is:

Master: 4500 CUC

PhD: 6500 CUC

Short courses: 5 – 10 CUC / teaching time

Diplomat: 30 CUC / credits

Spanish language clasess: 2000 CUC

Full Undergraduate Degree: 23,500 CUC

Short postgraduate courses: 10 CUC / teaching time

Internships: 8 CUC / teaching time

Training: 30 CUC / credit

Spanish language course: 5 -10 CUC / teaching time

These prices may change according to the program to receive.

¿It’s possible that professors of UCLV give services in other foreign institutions?

The answer is Yes, OCSA coordinates these actions. There must be an agreement between the institutions.

¿Is it necessary to have an agreement between the UCLV and the institution of the interested party in conducting studies or internships at the UCLV?

It is not necessary. Those interested should contact the Academic Services Coordinating Office.


Dr. José Antonio Fabelo Falcón

International Collaboration methodologist