In our University, scientific research, technology and innovation achieve important economic, social and environmental impacts in the region and in the country, contributing to sustainable development with special emphasis on the food program, dwelling construction, energy and local development.

The University has several Research Lines from interdisciplinary approaches that allow developing synergies between processes, practices and perspectives of analysis and disciplinary definition. The Lines delineate fields of knowledge that present sustained results of work, academic, social and business recognition, and have infrastructure, improvement plans and staff to maintain their development. They are coordinated by scientific leaders of high national and international prestige.

There are five research centers and 10 study centers that play an important role in the scientific development of the institution. Most centers are attached to the faculties and only four at the university level.

The results of university science, technology and innovation, linked to the priorities of the territory which, together with knowledge management and innovation, impact and contribute to the economic and social development of the province.